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When planning a marketing campaign of any type, printing will inevitably become part of it at some point. Whether you’re printing standard business cards or a logo for your company vehicle, your small business advertisement campaign will not be complete without at least some marketing material being printed. By choosing Printing Specialists, you’re trusting your business’s materials to a company that understands the importance of delivering top notch printing services to the hard working people of Johannesburg, South Africa. You wouldn’t trust your business to an unprofessional or unqualified manager, and you shouldn’t trust your company’s marketing reputation to anything less than fully certified and qualified professional Johannesburg printing experts. You’ll find all the help and services you could ever want for your small businesses are performed with the utmost care at Printing Specialists!

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We might be just about the fastest Johannesburg printing agency around, but that does not mean that we are going to provide our customers with sloppy or less than excellent work! We work tirelessly with the businesses that come to us for their printing needs from the beginning of the process until the end to make sure that the quality of our work meets the standards they expect when they’re hiring us. Whether it means working with a new business to help them finalize their logo design or checking in midway through the drafting process to ensure that things are going smoothly, we make sure that no corners are cut when creating our products. We specialize in creating eye-catching, dynamic offset and digital prints that surpass our clients’ expectations. In addition to the high quality of the physical products we produce, we also work to make sure that the process is an equally pleasant experience for our valued customers. Our professional approach to providing top notch Johannesburg printing services extends beyond the products and to your company’s confidentiality and trust. Purple Flare will work hard to keep your marketing materials from the eyes of your competition, and we’ll even go as far as to offer printing off-site in a separate location to put any worries you have at ease.

Featured Products

From the beginning, Printing Specialists has always devoted itself to keeping up with the latest and most advanced digital printing technology. Our Canon C6000 ImagePress is capable of producing on-demand, offset quality prints with speed, accuracy, and consistency beyond compare, on a wide variety of stocks, from smooth or glossy text weights to 14-point cover stock. We offer a wide range of finishing options your projects may require, whether it be simple folding, perfect binding, stitching, or die-cutting. Whatever digital printing needs you require, we guarantee you'll be floored by the matchless quality of your finished project

Business cards

Often creating the first impression of yourself or your company when presented to a prospective client, your business card has to convey your profile, information and style instantly and effectively. It should say who and what your are, and it will affect the way the recipient views you. We design and print business cards to communicate the right impression from the very start.

Stationery Printing

Consistent styling across the various elements of your correspondence material – letterheads, continuation paper, envelopes, compliment slips and business cards, helps to work your identity into your clients view of you and to put your brand across effectively. We offer great deals on any combination of the above items.


Banner Printing

Our wide format inkjet printers print in up to six different inks, water and solvent based, so that all colours are vibrant and accurate to the original artwork. We can print onto various substrates; paper (matt, satin or gloss) vinyl (heavy duty); self-adhesive backed (for stickers and labels); canvas (for stretched framing), etc.


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